December 2016
Marl Business Park offers high quality suites in an environment that breeds success and helps businesses to thrive; one of the facilities offered at Marl Business Park is free and well-lit parking for tenants and visitors. We can offer parking for bikes, motorbikes, fuel cars, electric cars, and helicopters!
December 2016
After an intense period of research and design activity, Yuji, the specialists in high CRI technology, and Marl have collaborated to combine Yuji’s high performance LED lighting components with Marl’s bulb replacement and electronic systems design expertise to push the boundaries of product performance.
November 2016
Mark Harper is a true example of progression here at Marl; back in 2010, whilst he was completing his 4 Year integrated Master of Engineering Course in Electronic Systems Engineering at Lancaster University, Mark joined the team as summer staff; which led to Mark coming to Marl full time the following July after achieving a 1st Class degree.
November 2016
We're looking forward to Electronica in Munich this week, followed by Lux Live in London towards the end of the month.
October 2016
Well, it's been two years since the Marl Newsletter began....and what a busy year this second year has been!
October 2016
During September Marl completed a new and exciting lighting installation at Ulverston's Sir John Barrow Monument on Hoad Hill.
October 2016
Meet SMT Team Member Julie Livermore; another of our SMT gurus!
September 2016
The Marketing Team here at Marl adore this season; cosy jumpers, bonfire night, and dark nights requiring lots of lovely lighting!