March 2017
The man machine interface has been crucial to equipment monitoring and control for generations. Effective and reliable indication is especially important when high voltage supplies are present within the host system. The redesigned and upgraded 671 Series are available in no less than six voltage ranges, from 24 AC/DC to 440 AC/DC.
February 2017
Marl's 651 Series is a Ø12.7mm mounting Panel Indicator LED featuring a black anodised aluminium housing and colour diffused lens with a wide viewing angle.
February 2017
The evolution of UV-LED technology at shorter wavelengths has significant potential for integration in fixed and portable equipment utilized in a wide range of industries, including medical, life science, food, energy, and environmental probably being the most important...
January 2017
Marl's 202 Series offers a direct replacement for French Style T1 Midget Flange SX3s.
December 2016
Marl's 698 Series is a Ø8.1mm mounting, vandal resistant Panel Indicator LED. Featuring a "D" mounting hole to aid anti-rotation, black anodised aluminium housing and ingress protection of IP67, making this product weatherproof, the 698 Series is ideal for a variety of applications including portable equipment and status panel indication.
November 2016
Believed to be the smallest panel mounting device of this type of indicator in the world, Marl's new 612 Series Tri-colour features black anodised aluminium housing, a standard industrial mounting size of Ø6.35mm, and is sealed to IP67.
October 2016
The Marketing Team take a look at how LED Technology is growing within the Fashion Industry
October 2016
Our new 525 Series may look like a standard panel lamp, function like a standard panel lamp, and have all the benefits of a Marl standard panel lamp, but the 525 Series is something a little... special.