August 2016
Over the past few weeks our Design, Engineering, Sales and Marketing teams have been working hard on a new edition of the Marl Sample Box...
August 2016
Look out for the launch of Marl's brand new 525 Series Multicolour!
August 2016
Marl's 528 Series is an outstandingly reliable, vandal resistant Panel Indicator. Read about it here...
August 2016
Parmley Technologies Ltd and Marl International Ltd work together to fit Marl's Panel Indicator LEDs to Parmley Control Panels.
July 2016
Marl's 603 Series EMC is launching soon! Would you like to be the first to know about the 603 Series EMC?
July 2016
Filament replacement LEDs have been specifically designed to provide improved reliability; Marl's 209 Series is a direct replacement for a standard bulb fitting.
July 2016
The redesigned and upgraded 671 Series are available in no less than six voltage ranges, from 24 AC/DC to 440 AC/DC. Read on to learn more.
June 2016
Find out what's been happening this month: the promotion of our 665 Series in Japan, Adrian Rawlinson's position on the EU Stay/Leave debate, our new website and the introduction of Live Chat to Outdoor LEDs.