November 2016
Believed to be the smallest panel mounting device of this type of indicator in the world, Marl's new 612 Series Tri-colour features black anodised aluminium housing, a standard industrial mounting size of Ø6.35mm, and is sealed to IP67.
October 2016
The Marketing Team take a look at how LED Technology is growing within the Fashion Industry
October 2016
Our new 525 Series may look like a standard panel lamp, function like a standard panel lamp, and have all the benefits of a Marl standard panel lamp, but the 525 Series is something a little... special.
September 2016
In the 1970s, when we began to venture into LED Lighting, PCB Mounting LEDs were the first product Marl manufactured...
September 2016
With the recent design and introduction of the 603 Series EMC we have a standard industrial mounting, Ø5.0mm, Panel Indicator featuring an EMC mesh under the lens offering protection against EMI and RFI. Read more...
September 2016
Based in the Netherlands and with over 50 years in the industry, Van Der Velden Marine Systems B.V. is a market leader in the supply of high quality steering gears, rudders and hydraulic systems to the world wide maritime sector. Marl recently supplied Van Der Velden with our 508 Series Panel Indicator LEDs to be included in their control panels...
August 2016
Over the past few weeks our Design, Engineering, Sales and Marketing teams have been working hard on a new edition of the Marl Sample Box...
August 2016
Look out for the launch of Marl's brand new 525 Series Multicolour!