January 2017
After a very successful year of collaboration in 2016, in December Budmaster LED Ltd decided to trust Marl with all aspects of their assembly operation and shipped all the components and stock to Ulverston; marking a new phase in our partnership.
December 2016
We all say it; Christmas seems to come earlier every year! In 2016 the first Christmas song was played on 16th September, with television Christmas adverts starting late October / early November, and shopping centres decorated before the end of October. With all this festive cheer arriving so early in the year, December promises big things in Christmas Lighting!
December 2016
After an intense period of research and design activity, Yuji, the specialists in high CRI technology, and Marl have collaborated to combine Yuji’s high performance LED lighting components with Marl’s bulb replacement and electronic systems design expertise to push the boundaries of product performance.
November 2016
Whilst we may be used to seeing LED Lighting in the supermarket, car parks, at the office, or on the motorway, new lighting installations are appearing all the time, the evolution of LED Lighting is allowing more and more companies to introduce their own ingenious ideas of how to use the technology...
November 2016
Marl has never shied away from experimenting in new areas, highlighted by a recent collaboration with another Ulverston based company that is renowned for their creativity and quality. Cumbria Crystal are the last producer of completely hand-blown and hand-cut, full-lead, luxury English crystal in the United Kingdom! Read on for more.
October 2016
Marl are pleased to introduce the new Citizen Blue COB LED. A revolutionary product from Citizen, these Blue COBs are the brightest and most compact blue LED in the world...
October 2016
With the completion of the RGB installation at the Sir John Barrow Monument in Ulverston we have taken a look back at some of our other bespoke projects and installations; for example PAMELA Labs back in January 2013.
October 2016
The Marketing Team take a look at how LED Technology is growing within the Fashion Industry