March 2016
The new 795 Series Floodlight range epitomises reduced energy, reduced maintenance with higher performance, which all add up to enhance safety, whilst reducing true through life costs.
February 2016
Just a teaser!
February 2016
As we launch our 795 Series Floodlights we take a look back at some of our former floodlight projects, like Abbey Gate College Sports Hall back in 2013.
February 2016
Introduced in 2012, the 742 Series Wallpack has proved a popular Security and Floodlighting product, so popular in fact that we use it at Marl Business Park to brighten these dark nights!
January 2016
Marl were asked by Helen and Martin Barlow to provide a lighting installation for two applications, their garden at Bardsea and their business; The Olde Mill, a coastal pub and restaurant, both in Cumbria. We discuss how the installation was created.
January 2016
Marl have recently completed a project working with University of Central London - PAMELA Labs. We explain what PAMELA is and how Marl LED Lighting helped.
December 2015
Back in 2012, Marl supplied the RGB Lighting System for this fantastic project!
December 2015
As the demands increase for high chromatic LEDs targeted for making objects more "vivid", Citizen Electronics introduce "Vivid COBs". These new products are ideal for applications which place emphasis on the appearance of commercial products such as retail, signage and supermarkets. Read on to find out more.