April 2016
Arianna Rawlinson, Marketing Manager, discusses the SMT Centre and Marl's Capabilities
October 2015
The Marl SMT Centre reaches its first anniversary. We look back on how it's transformed our capabilities, and look forward to new projects to come.
September 2015
1.2m PCBs being manufactured in Marl's Surface Mount Technology Centre - our largest boards to date. Marl has the capability to produce PCBs up to 1.4m in length, and is the most experienced LED lighting manufacturer in the UK in producing PCBs of such large lengths.
June 2015
Marl are pleased to present a new range of products for SMT solutions from our partner company, Bivar Incorporated.
March 2015
In November 2014, Marl presented the new SMT Centre. Marl's SMT and LED assembly facility as a result of the investment now has the capacity to process 80k components per hour.