November 2015
Video: Marl and Nanoco have come together to create the lighting technology that manufacturers have been waiting for: perfect colour with the efficiency of LED.
November 2015
An introduction to Nanoco Technologies, world leader in the development and production of cadmium-free quantum dots, and how the partnership with Marl is enabling the world's first CFQD® quantum dot-based LED lighting products to come to market.
November 2015
Adrian Rawlinson looks back on Marl's success at LuxLive 2014, discusses the evolution of LED lighting technology and what visitors can expect to see at the Marl stand for LuxLive 2015.
November 2015
This month the spotlight is on our Strategic Account Area Manager, Andy Botsford, who has been with Marl for 2 years 10 months and has an extensive career history in the electronics industry.
November 2015
A study into how the new Orion QD, the world's first CFQD® Quantum Dot lighting product developed in a partnership between Marl and Nanoco, can be tailored for applications such as the stimulation of plant growth.
November 2015
Video: "Breakthrough LED tech revealed" (Skip to 1:50!)
November 2015
Adrian Rawlinson (Managing Director) and Rob Woodhouse (Design Manager) discuss the revolutionary new CFQD® Quantum Dot technology and the vast potential it has in applications requiring high light quality.
October 2015
Video: Third teaser for the collaboration between Marl and Nanoco for Lux Live 2015