August 2015
Marl are excited to announce the launch of three new Bivar products for Enclosure Hardware. Read on for more details about Bivar's new spacers, standoffs and handles.
July 2015
"Above everything the Marl brand is all about relationships.." come to the beautiful English Lake District to see for yourself" - A note from our MD
July 2015
For June the spotlight is on Conner Atkinson, our CNC Apprentice, who has been with Marl for 2 years. Although Conner hasn't been with us long, he has grown into a vital member of the marl team...
July 2015
Tom Silber, CEO of Bivar Inc, discusses the Marl-Bivar strategic alliance and how together the two companies can offer the highest quality products and services to the LED lighting market.
July 2015
A discussion of how Marl's partnership with Nanoco Technologies is helping to create "previously unheard-of colour and light quality levels"
June 2015
Martyn, from Bedfordshire, approached Marl to request whether or not we could provide lighting for his extremely specialist rail application.... Imagine our delight when Martyn challenged us with supplying bulbs for his model railway!
June 2015
Marl are thrilled to announce another leap forward in COB LED technology with the Citizen Electronics COB Series Gen 4. Citizen have yet again achieved the world's highest level of luminous efficacy and staggering increased performance overall for use in products such as bulbs, spotlights, downlights, high bay lights, street lights, floodlights and stadium lights.
June 2015
Here at Marl, we supply to an ever-varying range of applications; from aerospace to defence, general lighting to industrial, and more recently, rail - but not in the way you might think...