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880 Series

Yuji High CRI Flexistrips are combined with a flicker-free dimmable driver and connector, creating the 880 Series, a plug-and-play full lighting solution for homes, offices, commercial applications, and film & photography lighting.

890 Series

The Marl "Orion" series was reworked using Yuji Flexistrip technology, enabling very high quality, high CRI linear (minimum 95) lighting, ideal for film and photography applications.

671 Series

A redesign and upgrade of Marl's 1-inch 671 Series LED Indicator allows for higher intensity output and much more flexible voltage ranges, from 24V AC/DC all the way up to 440V AC/DC.


Our 604 Series Panel Indicator LED, one of the smallest panel mounting sealed LED panel indicators on the market, proved ideal for BoomBocs. Now described as “the greatest portable speaker in the world”, all BoomBocs products are made in London, using only high quality components and sustainable wood.

Nebula Hive

Ivan Black, a British sculpture artist with a talent for kinetic sculptures, recently purchased a number of Nichia LEDs for a new sculpture using light, the result being the striking Nebula Hive.

BA15D remote phosphor bulb

Designed specifically to replace BA15D style filament bulbs, the Marl device is particularly effective at replicating both the colour range and optical characteristics, including wide viewing angle, of the conventional technology.

Illuminated crystal

A quick discussion between Chris Blade, Managing Director of Cumbria Crystal and some of the Marl team reached the conclusion that the combination of the two products must be capable of producing something distinctive. Both teams worked together and the end result was the exquisite “LEDCrystal” concept range.

Hoad Monument

Marl's specially designed lighting pods added RGB colour lighting to a local treasure; colloquially known as "Hoad" or "the pepper pot", the monument was erected in 1850 to commemorate Sir John Barrow, who was a founding member of the Royal Geographic Society..

Control panel

Marl supplied Van Der Velden Marine Systems B.V. with our 508 Series Panel Indicator LEDs to be included in their control panels. The 508 Series offers outstanding reliability, is sealed to IP67, and is suitable for industrial, external and high vibration applications.

Control panel

Parmley at this point have over 300 different types of control panels installed on Military Vehicles in the UK, USA, and Europe. Marl provided Parmley Technologies with our 612 Series Panel Indicator LEDs. Offering outstanding reliability, sealed to IP67 and ruggedized, these indicators are ideal for military and high vibration applications.

Another control panel

Asphalt Zipper® and Marl USA work together to fit Marl's 677 series in Asphalt Zipper® control panels. Specialising in time and cost-effective full depth reclamation, Asphalt Zipper® products are used on roads and highways requiring asphalt repair.

Olde Mill

Marl were asked by Helen and Martin Barlow to provide a lighting installation for two applications, their garden at Bardsea and their business; The Olde Mill, a coastal pub and restaurant, both in Cumbria. Marl were asked to supply a replacement product for T8 fluorescent tubes, placed underneath the bar at The Olde Mill, the tubes had become unreliable and difficult to replace, including issues with matching colour temperatures for replacement tubes.


PAMELA Labs (Pedestrian Accessibility Movement Environment Laboratory) is a multisensory laboratory for the assessment of pedestrian movement based at University College London (UCL).

Marl designed and manufactured a sophisticated 6 channel, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Warm White and Cool White, light fixture which could be programmed to replicate any light source.

Orion QD and plants

After the successful creation of the Orion QD in May 2015, the world's first CFQD® Quantum Dot lighting product developed in partnerwhip between Marl and Nanoco, we learn how a linear strip can be tailored to stimulate plant growth.

Wallpacks in situ

Marl supplied x87 742 Series LED Wallpacks for installation at Carr-Ellison house, Newcastle. The AA Insurance building is home to over 800 people and the newly installed Wallpacks provide high-brightness and reliable lighting for the car park area.

Model railway

Meet Martyn; one of our valued customers. When he asked us if we could provide lighting for his extremely specialist rail application, we were more than happy to oblige..

Holker Garden Festival

Marl provided Oudoor LEDs Spike Light products to support the garden of award winning paving and landscaping experts, Marshalls Plc, at the Holker Garden Festival hend in Cark-in-Cartmel, Cumbria.

53 Series diagram

In 2015, Marl received a repeat order for a panel lamp product – 28 years after the original panel lamp was fitted. The "53 Series", designed and manufactured for the first time in 1985, was ordered by an engineering customer in 1987 – interestingly, just 3 days before our Marketing Manager, Arianna, was born!

Test panel

A quest for a very professional appearance allied with compact size led Instrument Installations Ltd to specify Marl 512 Series LEDs in its handheld actuator demonstration product range for use during client visit and training room demonstrations of Rotork actuators.

Floodlights in yard

Marshalls plc, the UK's leading hard landscaping transformation company, fitted Marl International Bay Range LED floodlighting to stockyards at five of its manufacturing sites to replace high pressure sodium and metal halide floodlights – reducing the energy consumption per floodlight by up to 75%.


A new range of efficient LED floodlighting from Marl International provided schools, colleges and sports centres with energy savings of 50-80%, improving the ambiance and cutting maintenance costs too. Hoops Basketball Centre reported 80% plus energy saving from new exterior floodlights.

Alnwick sparkle

Marl announced the completion of a £100,000 project to install feature LED lighting at The Alnwick Garden, one of the UK's top visitor attractions adjoining Alnwick Castle, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland.

Holker Garden Festival

Marl have donated some Orion strips, Colorbeam Moon Spots and Outdoor LEDs Spike Lights to feature in Burlington Stone's 'Floating Away' show garden at Holker Garden Festival.

Savage Marine luminaire

Savage Marine, one of the UK's leading suppliers of lighting to the yacht market, halved the energy consumption of its ultra bright interior and exterior downlighters by adopting state of the art 10W LED technology from Marl to replace halogen lights.

F1 car

A new Marl LED was fitted to all Formula One cars for the 2009 Formula One Season, following its approval by the FIA. The LED is used as an indicator for the new Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems.

Marl LEDs in-situ on the Ulverston Inshore Rescue lifeboat - Photograph credited to Stuart Roy Clarke / Louisa Wilson

Robust, waterproof LED lights donated by Marl International Limited were installed on the deck of a Ulverston Inshore Rescue craft to ensure it's easily located even in extreme weather conditions.

Muncaster Castle doorway illuminated

Country houses like Muncaster have a great history of pioneering new technology. Peter Frost-Pennington, whose family have occupied the castle for 800 years, was thus maintaining a proud tradition when he turned to Marl for innovative LED lighting solutions that would not only make access safe and practical for visitors, but could become an attraction in themselves.

Lady in LED dress

Couture Clubbing, an exquisite clothing design company for high-end events, lit up their unique Heavenly Order dress design with LEDs from Marl International and showcased alongside other 'dresses of light' to celebrate the fusion of light and fashion.

Marl Lighting in-situ on a Superliner 1 diner carriage

Marl established a sales agreement with the US railroad operator Amtrak, under which our LED downlighters were installed in Superliner 1 diner carriages as part of their conversion to diner lounges.

F1 car

A Marl LED was fitted to all Formula One cars, following its approval by the FIA as the Warning Light in a mandatory Crash Severity Indication System to indicate the severity of an accident to medical rescue crews.

British Energy panel

Marl worked closely with British Energy at Hinkley Point 'B' to develop new technology in order to create and update existing product ranges. This included Warm White technology, which allows direct replacement of incandescent bulbs.

EELs illuminated

Following collaboration with leading rail industry specialists and train builders, Marl pioneered electronic lighting systems for new build and retro-fit applications that fulfil essential safety criteria, as the rail industry looked to overhaul the Emergency Lighting Group Standard.

Pulse album

One of our favourite projects, back in 1995, was the pulsing LED for Pink Floyd's Pulse album.