Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Statement

This important statement is intended for open and unrestricted circulation to all stakeholders in order to inform and update with the approach and resource allocation in order to manage a rapidly changing situation.  This statement includes 3 sections as follows:

1    Latest updates and commentary
2    Initial statement
3    Statement from Managing Director


8th April 2020: The status remains unchanged since our previous update.  We will continue to monitor the situation closely and react swiftly to any further developments.

1st April 2020: During the last working week, (25th March through 1st April 2020), since the last update on Marl status, the business has reacted very quickly to the changing circumstances and thanks largely to the flexibility, hard work and diligence of the team, Marl is now operating at approximately 40% capacity, with some team members working from home and some on-site located within our extensive manufacturing and administration buildings.

Additional precautions have been implemented, including 3m social distancing in manufacturing using a ‘chess board style’ arrangement of temporary squares on floor areas.  There is also a one-way system for pedestrian flow within internal corridors.  As many external stakeholders will know from visiting Marl Business Park, we are fortunate that there is plenty of space to be able to easily expand work spaces for individuals and the team currently on-site have confirmed that they are comfortable with the arrangements.  Additionally, none of the team need to utilize public transport and all live relatively close by.

Business activity is fluid with a combination of delays and pushbacks mixed with expediting and some new orders and incoming component supplies are flowing, albeit below normal levels to support full production. Priority is still being maintained for critical components for medical equipment, defence and transportation projects.


This statement was initially released 20th March 2020: 

  • Marl has been involved with international trade from an SME perspective since the company was formed in 1973 and during the decades have built up solid trading relationships with partners in Europe, Asia and North America

  • Relationships include dual and multiple raw material and component supplies and a very wide range of direct and indirect customers for optoelectronic components and ruggedised LED lighting systems and technology

  • As a part of the ongoing business management processes within the Quality System, there is a dynamic and flexible generic plan for risk management covering all aspects of the business; assessing and mitigating prioritised technical, commercial and financial risk issues

  • Marl have created a Coronavirus Crisis Management Team.  This comprises of the Directors and Senior Managers representing all internal departments with direct line responsibility for both internal and external stakeholders

  • The Crisis Management Team have created a robust strategy and plan which prioritises team health and safety, delivering existing commitments to customers and ensuring business continuity, all following Government guidelines and good business practice

  • In terms of product deliveries, the Marl team are monitoring and managing the potential impact, particularly with supplies of materials and components from partners based in territories most adversely affected by the Coronavirus at any given point in time

  • If there are any specific products which require more detailed clarification relating to supply issues, then please make contact with the Marl Sales Department; or +44(0)1229 582430


“It is important to emphasise that Marl is a very well-established SME with a culture that is well suited to crisis situations.  The DNA of the company is embedded in design and manufacture of high-quality products with complementary levels of customer service, generated by a highly experienced team using robust systems with an agile matrix management style, all underpinned by a culture which emphasises integrity and honesty with all stakeholders.

Key elements of the crisis management plan currently include:

  • Daily team meetings for updates and rapid decision making
  • Review of internal, local, national and global statistics affecting the Marl Team
  • Review of any problem situations relating to supply, or potential ability to meet on-time delivery requirements
  • Short and medium term review of work packages and capacity planning
  • Review of required internal and external communication updates
  • Any other business

It is also worth emphasizing that as a manufacturer with a generous stock holding of millions of components, we have a good chance of being able to buffer against an element of uncertainty and can in some cases increase supply, for example of components critical for medical equipment.

Customers should also bear in mind that, subject to restrictions from the UK Government and level of attendance from the Marl Team, we are very willing to look at the feasibility of taking on additional manufacturing and assembly work and for example have offered to support the UK requirement for additional ventilator supply.

Please contact us if you require any additional information, but bear in mind Marl is an SME with limited resources and we prefer to prioritise taking positive and effective initiatives in preference to just reporting what action might be taken.  This is especially true in this unprecedented and demanding situation” 

Adrian Rawlinson
Marl Business Park
1st April 2020