September 2019
Members of the Marl team will be attending DSEi 2019. Managing Director; Adrian Rawlinson, will be at DSEi on various dates throughout the show, with Nathan Orton; Deputy MD, and Alan Otway; Engineering Manager, attending from Tuesday 10th September until Thursday 12th September.
August 2019
Members of the Marl team will be attending DSEi 2019 in September; with Customer Account Manager, Graham Round, spending some time on the stand of Marl Distributor; Milspares Ltd.
August 2019
A total of 443 of Marl’s 676 Series Panel Indicator LEDs have been used in signage at London’s Sri Murugan Temple to illuminate the Lord Murugan sign. Read on to learn more...
August 2019
Yuji’s RGBWW Flexistrip is becoming increasingly popular in applications such as film and set lighting, event lighting, architectural and feature lighting, and many more. RGBWW Flexistrips are currently in stock at Marl and available for next day delivery in the UK.
August 2019
2019 LED Component and Indicator Guide now available. Contact us for more information; sales@marl.co.uk
August 2019
Marl’s highly durable 612 Series Panel Indicator LED is a consistent best seller. With a Ø6.35mm standard industrial mounting size, ideal for high vibration applications and status panel indication, the 612 Series will certainly continue to gleam!
July 2019
Marl and Distrelec have worked together for many years, and have recently entered into a new partnership to improve the product offering for Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology.
July 2019
Marl's 520 Series is a Ø6.1mm counter sunk mounting, stainless steel LED Panel Indicator.