Low Location Marking System

April 2004
2 minute read

Following collaboration between Marl International Limited and leading rail industry specialists and train builders, Marl has pioneered electronic lighting systems for new build and retro-fit applications that fulfil essential safety criteria, as the rail industry looks to overhaul the Emergency Lighting Group Standard.

A fully rail qualified, rugged electronic egress lighting system (EELS) provides a clearly lit pathway in carriages under any condition and is due in passenger service in June 2004. EELS features floor strip lighting, vestibule kick-strip lighting, exit signs and a power supply and control unit. All lighting elements utilise green LED technology for high reliability and longevity, providing a minimum of 90 minutes (typically in excess of 180 minutes) of emergency lighting after power has been isolated. Unique from other egress systems, which only function in emergency situations, Marl's EEL system has been designed for extremely high reliability and very low power consumption which allows the system to be permanently lit, so making the passenger aware of the system during the journey and able to recognise it instantly in a dark or smokey environment. The steady light from EELS also gives the passenger reassurance during short term dimming or longer power outages in the vehicles' orthodox lighting.

Strip lighting is available as standard 1 metre or 2 metre lengths, and customised lengths can be manufactured to accommodate any carriage requirement. Strips can be fitted to a wide range of floor configurations and materials, are vibration resistant, and have a substantial load bearing capacity.

The system is designed to be aesthetically compatible with modern railway rolling stock, and is an attractive feature of the overall lighting in any carriage. Either meeting or exceeding all requirements for Rail Rolling Stock use, EELS is currently on board a new build train undergoing final testing.

The EEL System is already installed on the HSBC rollover rig operated by Serco Rail near Basingstoke, Hampshire, and can be demonstrated in a simulated accident environment so visitors can see for themselves the outstanding features and benefits of the system.

Marl International Limited specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of high performance LED components and systems to provide reliable, innovative and cost effective indication and illumination. An extensive range of products specifically developed for the rail industry includes; door pressels, signal and filament replacements, panel indicator lamps, edge lit gauge illuminators and high integrity lighting.