Marl brings British Energy lighting into 21st Century

November 2006
2 minute read

LED lighting specialist Marl International Limited has been working closely with British Energy at Hinkley Point 'B' for the past 7 months to develop new technology in order to create and update existing product ranges. This includes Warm White technology, which allows direct replacement of incandescent bulbs.

Hinkley Point 'B', which began operation in 1976, has 2 A.G.R reactors and is capable of supplying over 1 million households.

Products which have now been specified and put into service includes replacements for T3¼ bayonet cap bulbs, BA22 & ES27 bulbs, T5.5 slide base & T6.8 slide base bulbs and B22 / BA22 pygmy lamps.

Newly designed products include a special 261 Series for use within the central control room status desks as the original filament bulbs are no longer readily available. The 261 Series is a T3¼ Miniature Edison Screw (MES E10) based bulb replacement. This solid-state unit features a single high intensity Warm White LED in a purpose built housing. Unique integral circuitry facilitates operation at 60Vac/dc. Manufactured exclusively with power generation and industrial applications in mind, the 261 Series is fully potted internally for unrivalled vibration and shock resistance. Benefits include an enhanced safety system, reduced service disruption, optical performance matched to the original filament bulb and virtually no heat generation. A truly reliable, low maintenance solution.

A second custom designed unit has been created from an existing range, the 671 Series. This has been designed as a bipolar unit to run at 130Vac/dc. 5 high intensity colours are available (red, yellow, green, blue & cold white).

This product's unique termination is via a stud bar which protrudes from the bottom of the header. The stud bar comes fitted with 2 standard washers, a crinkle washer and nut. This is to enable Hinkley Point to remove the current units from the motor control panels, leaving the existing wiring and ring crimps in situ and then wire straight onto the back of the 671 Series. It is also supplied with a 30mm hardware kit so the product can be dropped into the existing mounting holes.

Other products have been used and are being tested throughout the site in a plethora of applications. Some of these include inaccessible crane trolley wire indicators which indicate if the rails are live or not, status indicators within the nitrogen injection plant and also direct bulb replacements within various Highland annunciator panels.