PAMELA Labs: LED Lighting System a 'Huge Improvement'

January 2016
1 minute read

Marl have recently completed a project working with University College London - PAMELA Labs (Pedestrian Accessibility Movement Evironment Laboratory). PAMELA is a multisensory laboratory for the assessment of pedestrian movement, including a modular platform that can be adjusted to simulate different surface profiles and types.

PAMELA required a flexible and even lighting system to replace their previous lighting. The goal was for a variable lighting system to be used to simulate street and residential area lighting conditions, which have the ability to change the Intensity and Colour Saturation of any lamp, all driven from a PC.

Marl designed and manufactured a sophisticated 6 channel, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Warm White and Cool White, light fixture which could be programmed to replicate any light source. Forty four light fixtures were installed above the deck running on four DMX universes. The system is controlled through an in-house, bespoke designed controller and PC software.

"Marl designed, manufactured, and installed a variable lighting system (6 channel LED fixtures and software) at UCL, PAMELA facility. The system is fantastic and a huge improvement on a previously installed system at the facility. It allows us to change LED colour saturation and intensity individually or in groups to replicate a wide range of illumination conditions, including a variety of street lighting, from near darkness to over 1000 lux at surface level for experiments. The MARL team that worked on the project were very friendly and easy to discuss ideas with, and their work ethic was second to none, to meet tight UCL deadlines"

-- Derrick Boampong, PAMELA Labs