Versatile Lighting for Versatile Environments

January 2016
1 minute read

Marl were asked by Helen and Martin Barlow to provide a lighting installation for two applications, their garden at Bardsea and their business; The Olde Mill, a coastal pub and restaurant, both in Cumbria. Marl were asked to supply a replacement product for T8 fluorescent tubes, placed underneath the bar at The Olde Mill, the tubes had become unreliable and difficult to replace, including issues with matching colour temperatures for replacement tubes. The tubes were replaced with a 5m Flexistrip in Neutral White (4000K) LED System which operates at 19w/m and produces ~1500Lm/m. The Flexistrip was fitted into a standard Aluminium profile and finished off with a semi-frosted lens.

In the garden, a trial bespoke installation using a mix of colour and white products was carried out. This proved the concept, and full installation took place in October 2015. Our products were supplied with 30 and 50 degree optics to provide either a focused light beam or a wider "wash" of light, as required for particular areas of the garden. The controllers provided, located in the kitchen of the property, allow easy adjustment to light intensities and colour fade speeds.

The entire installation consumes less than 600 watts of power and provides an effective, yet easily controllable, full colour LED Lighting Installation enhancing tthe natural surroundings of the garden and it's features.

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