Outdoor LEDs - The Brighter Choice

Outdoor LEDs - The Brighter Choice

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With the summer months on their way what better time of year to think about creating an outdoor living space, or adding some exciting and eye-catching lighting to your workplace. Take a look at Marl's Outdoor LEDs products, featuring driveway and patio lighting, to create a stunning outdoor space. Livinglite Wireless; a revolutionary patio LED lighting system, combines exceptional technology with the most useful traits of the original Livinglite system - offering a user experience like never before with an easy to install plug-and-play system, so there is no need for an electrician, unless desired.

The Livinglite Wireless system includes the colour wheel, a circular spectrum of colour on your remote control. Simply glide your finger around the colour wheel to reveal over a million colour variations; warm orange to match those tequila sunrise cocktails in summer, or ice blue to turn down the heat. Find your perfect shade for any season, event or occasion. What's more - Got an iPad or Smartphone? Controlling your system is now easier than ever; simply download the MiLight app to turn your device into an additional remote control.

We promised brightness, and we delivered - the Livinglite Wireless has an improved brightness of a staggering 228%. That's 39.94 lux brighter at a total of 57.4 lux, than the original Livinglite at 17.46 lux. But that's not the only improvement. We've also manufactured the Livinglite Wireless to have the ability to run up to x8 LED light units from a single PSU (previously x6) and up to a massive x14 LED light units once a booster unit is added (previously x8). This eliminates the need to install more than one system if a large number of LED light units are required.

For more information on the Livinglite Wireless or other Outdoor LEDs products call the Sales team on T: 01229 582430 or E: [email protected]