Marl Introduce LED Panel Lamps with an Attractive Colour Anodised Finish

April 2016
1 minute read

Marl manufactures some of the best high performance metal panel lamps in the world; many of these are operating after ten, twenty, and even thirty years of reliable service! Now in 2016 there is a new product design with the lamp manufactured from high grade aluminium with a colour anodised finish.

This exciting new range is available in the popular 8mm mounting 677 Series and 12.7mm, (1/2 inch), mounting 699 Series with flat Fresnel lens assemblies. Customers can select a matching lamp body and illuminating colour and lens, or deliberately choose a complementing or contrasting colour combination.

Marl can offer the following anodising colours: Black, Bronze, Champagne, Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, Green, Orange, Gold, Silver, and Grey. All anodising can be combined with LEDs in the following colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Cool White.

These products are suitable for a wide range of professional electronic and architectural applications, as they can be used for both indication and accent lighting. White versions provide sufficient white light for low level task illumination and perimeter lighting.

Samples and technical information are now available; get in touch to hear more about Marl's Prism Panel Lamp:

T 01229 582430