SMT Design and Manufacturing Support

April 2016
1 minute read

Arianna Rawlinson, Marketing Manager, discusses the SMT Centre and Marl's Capabilities

Marl is proud to present our SMT centre where we capture your concept, have the experience to design to specification, flexibility to rapid prototype, capability to test and capacity to manufacture in volume and all in the heart of the Lake District in the UK. Our facility now has the capacity to process 80k components per hour and is ideally suited to competitively support professional luminaire manufacturers who specialise in producing interior and exterior lighting, for example; sealed linear and circular fittings, utilising either COB or LOB technology.

Our lighting industry customers are looking for the best LED technology for their application, fast response, and consistent high quality and support they can rely on through the total product life cycle at a cost which maintains their own competitive advantage; that's the Marl way of supporting the UK lighting industry!