Marl International provide Van Der Velden Marine Systems B.V. with 508 Series Panel Indicator LEDs

Van Der Velden Control Panel

September 2016
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Based in the Netherlands and with over 50 years in the industry, Van Der Velden Marine Systems B.V. is a market leader in the supply of high quality steering gears, rudders and hydraulic systems to the world wide maritime sector. Van Der Velden’s bridge panels control, monitor, and indicate a ship’s rudder and steering gear system, forming an essential part of any commercial type vessel.

Having recently upgraded her product line of bridge panels, the new line combines and standardizes a number of functions and features while maintaining the full range of requirements, which can vary greatly per ship.

Marl recently supplied Van Der Velden with our 508 Series Panel Indicator LEDs to be included in their control panels. The 508 Series offers outstanding reliability, is sealed to IP67, and is suitable for industrial, external and high vibration applications. Featuring a smoked lens to give good on/off contrast ratio and a wide viewing angle, the 508 Series is ideal for status panel indication.

vdv 508

Marl's 508 Series

vdv panel section

The 508 Series in situ

Steffen Pel of Van Der Velden spoke to us about how the 508 Series is working in their Control Panels:

“The Marl 508 Series was chosen for both functional and aesthetic reasons. The 508 Series is used to indicate and confirm “active systems” after being selected or accepted. Functions vary from indicating control modes to active (wing) panels depending on the number of configuration.

During the design phase Marl supplied us with a number of samples and initiated to customise the 508 fixture using a different inner body which lowered the maximum brightness and made the dimming range broader, more linear, and in sync with the surrounding switchgear.

This proactive attitude has been very useful during this phase and we look forward to a long term relationship with Marl as a subsupplier.”

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