News (October 2016)

Happy Birthday to the Marl Newsletter!

October 2016
Well, it's been two years since the Marl Newsletter began....and what a busy year this second year has been! We've unveiled our Super Seven including the Prism Panel Lamps and 671 High Voltage…

RGB Installation at PAMELA Labs

October 2016
With the completion of the RGB installation at the Sir John Barrow Monument in Ulverston we have taken a look back at some of our other bespoke projects and installations; for example PAMELA Labs back…

Wearable Tech: Where Techies meet Fashionistas

October 2016
With the evolution of the LED comes the inevitable flurry into other industries. Over the past decade wearable tech and LED accessories have become a firm favourite within the entertainment industry…

Spotlight on Illumination: Local Monument Shines

October 2016
During September Marl completed a new and exciting lighting installation at Ulverston's Sir John Barrow Monument on Hoad Hill. A local treasure, the monument known as "Hoad" or "the pepper pot", was…

Infinite Colour Options with the New 525 Series Multicolour

October 2016
Our new 525 Series may look like a standard panel lamp, function like a standard panel lamp, and have all the benefits of a Marl standard panel lamp, but the 525 Series is something a little…

The People Behind the Technology - Julie Livermore

October 2016
Meet SMT Team Member Julie Livermore; another of our SMT gurus! Julie had worked at other manufacturing sites in Ulverston before joining the team at Marl, and felt this would be a perfect fit for her…

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