Introducing Marl's New 612 Series Tri-colour LED Panel Lamp

November 2016
1 minute read

Believed to be the smallest panel mounting device of this type of indicator in the world, Marl's new 612 Series Tri-colour features black anodised aluminium housing, a standard industrial mounting size of Ø6.35mm, and is sealed to IP67.

Marl's 612 Series Tri-colour has three colour coded terminal wires for ease of identification; Anode Red, Anode Green, and Common Cathode, Amber can be generated by powering red and green simultaneously, meaning a single indicator can be used for 3 different colours providing an efficient, space reducing indication solution.

Featuring all the benefits of our standard 612 Series, including smoked lens and wide viewing angle offering good on/off contrast ratio, outstanding reliability, and weatherproof, the 612 Series Tri-colour is suitable for portable equipment, high vibration applications, and status panel indication.

Samples and technical information are now available; get in touch to hear more about Marl's 612 Series Tri-colour:

T 01229 582430