LEDCrystal: Luxury English Crystal and LED Technology Combine

Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Square Spirit Decanter

November 2016
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Marl has never shied away from experimenting in new areas, highlighted by a recent collaboration with another Ulverston based company that is renowned for their creativity and quality. Cumbria Crystal are the last producer of completely hand-blown and hand-cut, full-lead, luxury English crystal in the United Kingdom!

A quick discussion between Chris Blade, Managing Director of Cumbria Crystal and some of the Marl team earlier this year reached the conclusion that the combination of the two products must be capable of producing something distinctive. Both teams worked together and the end result is the exquisite “LEDCrystal” concept range.

cumbria crystal 2

Cumbria Crystal Chandelier on test at Marl Business Park

Cumbria Crystal hand crafted a range of baubles, including additional ‘tear-drop’ shapes, with a variety of beautiful diamond cut and polished designs. Meanwhile the Marl team went to work to design a special 3-part turned mechanical interface module, to bond the electronics to the lead crystal bauble. It also functions as a heat sink, wire strain relief system and housing for the integrated four channel RGBW (Red, Green, Blue and White) light source, positioned to maximise the dynamic range of illumination effects and wired to a standard colour controller.

Everyone thinks the result is stunning. The combination of high quality light source and intricate diamond cutting detail accentuates the aesthetic qualities for direct viewing and projected illumination of shapes and effects on nearby surfaces.

Product applications will include truly unique customized chandeliers and fittings for mood and stylish effect lighting for commercial and high end residential installations. According to Chris Blade "We unveiled the ‘LEDCrystal’ at Maison & Objet in Paris in September 2016, the product received a good response so far. Looking to the future for the LEDCrystal, I see it in commercial interiors, hotels for example. What started as a fun project has produced a wow factor product." Further collaborative product development phases are planned.

cumbria crystal 3

LEDCrystal featured at Maison & Objet, Paris 2016