Night Golf: Taking Golf to the Next Level

November 2016
1 minute read

LED Lighting is truly progressing and becoming more common place in every day life. Innovative and exciting ways in which LED Lighting can be used come to our attention daily.

Whilst we may be used to seeing LED Lighting in the supermarket, car parks, at the office, or on the motorway, new lighting installations are appearing all the time, the evolution of LED Lighting is allowing more and more companies to introduce their own ingenious ideas of how to use the technology.

Other than floodlighting or Club House lighting the Golf Course is not somewhere you would typically expect to find LED Lighting, but as Arnold Palmer said "You must play boldly to win".

Preferably played on sunny days, golf is the favourite past-time of many. But what if the rules changed? What if golf could be played at night, in the middle of winter? You might be thinking that doesn't sound as much fun, but that was before The Night Golf Company.

Founded in 2012, The Night Golf Company seem to be taking Arnold Palmer at his word and boldly teeing off into a new era for golf. The Night Golf Company provide high quality temporary installations of LED lighting to provide a complete visual experience for Golfers, including illuminated golf balls, fairways, and flags, whilst providing full support throughout the event and giving Golf Clubs the opportunity to raise their profile and open for club, charity, and corporate events at times when they would otherwise be quiet.

Clearly not afraid of a little cold weather, Night Golf events have been held at local Barrow Golf Club in December 2012 and Heysham Golf Club in April 2013.

Here at Marl we love to see innovation at its best, and The Night Golf Company have certainly captured our attention with their revolutionary take on a classic sport.