Launch of Nikkiso DUV LED Technology to the UK Market

Launch of Nikkiso DUV LED Technology to the UK Market
Rapid expansion in UV-C LED applications predicted

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The evolution of UV-LED technology at shorter wavelengths has significant potential for integration in fixed and portable equipment utilized in a wide range of industries, including medical, life science, food, energy, and environmental probably being the most important. Applications include curing, disinfection and sterilization treatment of air, surface, combined water splitting and air purification, and industrial scale water treatment where optimization of the configuration and control of the DUV LEDs can maximize pathogen kill, even in a high flow system, and potentially reduce electricity consumption by 80% to 90% when compared with conventional technology. Research suggests that DUV dosing treatment can have a 4-log reduction = 99.9% of bacteria for many applications!

UV LED technology is advancing rapidly, with extraordinary progress reported annually in optical output power, efficiency, and cost. Marl are delighted to announce a new DUV (Deep Ultraviolet) LED technology with exciting potential for existing and new markets. Global technology experts, Nikkiso, have addressed the issue of delivering useful levels of radiometric power in the 265nm to 300nm band; innovation which has a technology base developed by Professors Isamu Akasaki (Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan and Nagoya University, Japan) and Hiroshi Amano (Nagoya University, Japan), two of the scientists credited with developing the blue LED.

Nikkiso have a dedicated specialist facility for manufacturing DUV-LEDs. By having in-house control of all the fabrication steps, from wafer epitaxy to chip packaging (including quality control and UV-module development), Nikkiso have close control of the sapphire crystal quality and layer structure; and can generate enhanced device performance with Internal Quantum Efficiency, (IQE) >60% and higher production yields when compared with their competitors, which results in lower cost-per-watt and potentially enhanced total system efficiency.

45mW deep-ultraviolet (UV) LEDs are available, with operating lifetimes in excess of 10,000 hours, with increased efficiency, offering 350mA of drive current at 1.7 times the power of its prior generation products. That performance level combined with the long-life expectation is seen as key to commercial success in UV LEDs. The current product range comprises of 265nm, 285nm and 300nm deep ultra-violet (DUV) LEDs packaged in T046 (0.6mW – 2.3mW), SMD packages (12mW – 45mW) and a range of Modules which provide intensities of 45mW/cm² - 80mW/cm².

Dennis Martin, President and CEO of Nikkiso America, comments “Whether the application involves curing, medical, germicidal, or analytical instrumentation, deep-UV LED technology offers compelling advantages over lamp-based solutions and further enables new applications.”

Even though ongoing development is needed in the core technology of chip performance, in addition to cooling techniques, primary and secondary optics, and compatible materials for host system packaging, it is clear that DUV-LED has clear advantages compared with traditional UV light sources; these include reduced warm-up time, increased life time, and much greater ability to control and monitor dosage levels and system performance. Consequently DUV-LED technology has a significant market potential, which is expected to be realised though close collaboration with customers to develop modules and systems appropriate to the application.

Adrian Rawlinson, Managing Director of Marl International Ltd, commented "Nikkiso is a great company with first class technology and expertise which will give customers in the UK a real opportunity to utilize innovation in an area which will see massive expansion in the next 5 years. All the Marl team are really looking forward to working in the DUV-LED area as it expands perfectly from our experience of working with visible and IR light sources for a huge range of applications over the past forty years; I think we have always been good at helping our clients access leading edge LED technology to enhance their own competitive advantage!”

Marl now represent Nikkiso in the UK and Ireland and are ready to discuss applications and provide technical support with technology demonstrations. Both organisations are willing to support enquiries for customised module design, which can be supported by Nikkiso’s expertise in optical design, fluid dynamic and thermal analysis, complimented by Marl’s electronic design expertise. Please contact our team for further information.

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