Marl Undertake Changes to Livinglite Wireless

Marl Undertake Changes to Livinglite Wireless

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The Design and Engineering Teams here at Marl have recently undertaken some modifications to the Outdoor LEDs Livinglite Wireless.

During the production build of the Livinglite Wireless system it has become apparent that the new Wi-Fi controller used inside the product does not operate in the same way as the previous Wi-Fi controller. The method used to connect your mobile/tablet to the lights and the app used to control the lights has change from the original Wi-Fi controller. Therefore the units are not cross compatible (older Livinglite systems will not work on the new app and new Livinglite systems will not work on the older app).

Marl have no control over the design of the Wi-fi App and as a result have taken the decision to remove the Wi-fi App controller from the Livinglite system.

Paul Robson, Principal Design Engineer, who worked on resolving the issue, says:

"The supplier of the wireless controller used inside the Livinglites informed us that the old wireless controller had been upgraded to a newer version. Once the wireless controller arrived and production began to build the Livinglites there was a problem in connecting the Livinglite units to the mi-light app.

After some digging around we found that this new wireless control system used a new app design, which is not compatible with the old wireless system. This raised concerns that, if we continue with the mi-light app, there will be customers using different versions of software, meaning we are unable to provide a generic software for control of the Livinglites, thus creating Customer Support issues, this is not a feasible option.

The Livinglite Wireless will not lose any brightness and you can still run the same amount of light units from a power supply, we are only losing the ability to operate the lights from your mobile or tablet. Remote controls will still be provided."

For queries regarding your Livinglite System please contact the Marl Team

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