Ivan Black and his lighting sculpture brand, Ink Lighting, use Nichia LEDs in Nebula Hive

November 2017
1 minute read

Ivan Black, a British sculpture artist with a talent for kinetic sculptures, recently purchased a number of Nichia LEDs for a new sculpture using light, the result being the striking Nebula Hive (right).

Described by M.A.D Gallery as a traditional chandelier for the 21st Century, the impressive Nebula Hive is a 1m high and 0.75m wide luminous vortex of kinetic energy, an integrated motor gives a burst of energy starting the motion and leading the sculpture to move.

Ivan Black personally selected the LEDs used in Nebula Hive, to ensure optimum brightness, colour temperature, and wide-viewing angle.

Marl are pleased to have provided the LEDs for this limited collection of 18 pieces, it is fascinating to see Nichia LEDs used in such a diverse and creative way.