Nikkiso: Global Leader in UV LEDs

Nikkiso: Global Leader in UV LEDs

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As a global UV-LED technology leader, Nikkiso is renowned for its unparalleled quality, dependability, and exquisite engineering.

Nikkiso’s revolutionary UV-LED products work to sanitize and sterilize, clean the water and air, help create more germ-free environments, enable medical breakthroughs, and advance industrial curing.

Nikkiso TO46 Metal Can:

Designed for instrumentation, Nikkiso’s reliable cans provide significant power levels and are laboratory work horses.

Nikkiso UV-LED products are available at standard wavelengths of 265nm (power output 0.4 mW), 285nm (1.3 mW), and 300nm (power output 1.3mW). Custom wavelength includes 255 – 350nm.

An ideal replacement for mercury lamps, Nikkiso UV-LEDs are earth friendly and can be custom designed for a myriad of applications. If you can dream it, Nikkiso can build it.

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