LED Panel Lamp Solutions for all Defence Communications Equipment

May 2018
1 minute read

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Marl’s LED Panel Indicators provide a durable and reliable communication equipment solution for all types of Defence applications; including ship, helicopter and plane equipment.

Marl’s 677 EMC Series is designed for control panel indication in harsh environments; where high levels of shock and vibration are likely, but a wide viewing angle and good on/off contrast ratio are necessary.

Picture for illustrative purposes only - this product can be used on all types
of defence platforms

Marl’s 677 EMC Series is a Ø8.1mm mounting black chrome aluminium housing indicator, with a stainless steel mesh in lens and conductive panel seal, giving EMI and weather protection (to IP67).

Available in voltages of 2Vdc to 110Vac, and a range of LED colours, including white and blue, the 677 EMC Series can be fitted with either industrial tags or wire terminations.

For more information on Marl LED Panel Lamp Solutions for Defence Communications Equipment, contact Graham.Round@marl.co.uk