Introducing Yuji’s first RGB and RGBW SMD

June 2018
1 minute read

YujiLED specialise in creating high quality light sources with a focus on high CRI.

As a LED developer and manufacturer, Yuji explore best colour quality solutions; it’s this ethos that now brings to the market two new products in the Yuji range, the RGB and RGBW SMD package.

Marl is an expert solutions partner capable of custom design to meet the demanding requirements of niche applications.

YUJILEDS™ RGB 5050 provides a multiple colour (RGB) solution, this mid-power LED can be used in a variety of applications demanding high colour quality and even light distribution.

YUJILEDS™ mid-power RGBW 5050 allows for high brightness with individual red, green, blue and white emission control in a PLCC-6 package.

Yuji’s RGB and RGBW products are ideal for architectural and feature lighting, linear strip lighting, and as a reliable high quality solution for film and photography lighting.