News (August 2018)

Marl's 122 Series replaced with Marl's 109 Series

August 2018
Marl's 122 Series PCB is due to be obsoleted at the end of 2018, with a last-time buy offer in place until the end of December. The 122 Series will be replaced with Marl's 109 Series PCB, a 3mm duplex…

The 661 Series

August 2018
The 661 Series, part of our Panel Indicator range, is a Ø10.2mm mounting plastic housed, LED indicator. Download the Datasheet FEATURES Ø10.2mm mounting Plastic housing Sealed to IP67 Bi-polar…

Yuji Film and Photography Lighting

August 2018
We have spent some time over the past few weeks experimenting with our newest Yuji samples, with Business and Admin Apprentice; Keira Brockbank, kindly volunteering to be our model. The Yuji VTC and…

Introducing Yuji’s new IP65 and IP67 Flexistrips

August 2018
New for August 2018 comes YUJILEDS® HIGH CRI LED WATERPROOF IP65/IP67 FLEXISTRIP in 24V (2700k or 5600K). With ingress protection sealing standard to IP65 / IP67, Yuji waterproof LED strips can be…

Available now! Yuji RGBWW

August 2018
Another exciting new addition to the YUJILEDS™ range is the Yuji RGBWW flexistrip. Yuji RGBWW High CRI LED Strip uses a combination and upgrade of RGB, RGBW, and bi-colour LED strip lights, to allow…

LED Bulkhead: Infallible Industrial Lighting Solutions

August 2018
Marl’s LED Bulkhead offers a robust and reliable solution to industrial lighting schemes. Available in a variation of colour and voltage options (including 24Vac/dc,110Vac/dc, and 230Vac) offering a…

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