News (February 2019)

Yuji LEDs, by Marl International Limited

February 2019
As an LED developer and manufacturer, Yuji explore the best colour quality solutions; providing LEDs, LED modules, flexistrip, and LED lighting products for diverse applications. Yuji specialise in…

Introducing Marl’s New US Distributor: Speciality Optical Systems, Inc

February 2019
During Graham Round’s trip to the USA back in October, he met with current Marl Representative, Dan Barry of Barry Sales, and new Distributor; Speciality Optical Systems, Inc (SOS). Graham met with…

Marl’s UL Listed 690 Series LED panel lamp

February 2019
Popular for use in theme park control panels, Marl’s UL Listed 690 Series is a robust and reliable panel indicator LED. The 690 Series is suitable for status panel indication in a variety of…

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