Introducing Marl’s New US Distributor: Speciality Optical Systems, Inc

Graham (center left) and Dan (center right), with Jason Petty (left) and Terry Nelson (right) of SOS

February 2019
1 minute read

During Graham Round’s trip to the USA back in October, he met with current Marl Representative, Dan Barry of Barry Sales, and new Distributor; Speciality Optical Systems, Inc (SOS).

Graham met with Jason Petty, President, and Terry Nelson, Sales Manager, of SOS Inc to begin working together with SOS as a new Distributor for the Marl range. SOS specialise in supplying lighting equipment, including LEDs and optics, to the industrial market in the southern states. SOS supply equipment for applications including Medical, Labs, Oil & Gas, and Aerospace.

SOS will hold stock of Marl product, making next day delivery possible! SOS will be supplying products from the Marl Bulb Replacement and Panel Lamp range.

We recommend Marl Representatives in the Southern States contact SOS directly for supply of Marl products.

We would like to welcome SOS to the Marl team, and wish them the best of luck with the Marl range.