Putting the Flex in Flexible!

Putting the Flex in Flexible!

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Ideal for advertising applications, Yuji’s S-flex LED flexible strip offers increased versatility combined with the high quality, high CRI as standard in Yuji flexistrips.

The S-Flex is highly recommended for applications including sign writing, cove lighting, canopies, corridors, windows and archways, and runs on a very low power consumption.

The Yuji S-Flex has a unique shaped design, the PCB board is cut into a zig-zag offering complete flexibility with the strip able to be bent along 2 axis.

Available in 2700K or 5600K, the S-Flex can be easily moved or folded into any shape without the need for connections or soldering, enabling quick and easy installation; including around curves or tight corners!

Yuji’s S-Flex maintains a CRI of over 95, allowing colours to appear clearly and vividly.

View the S-Flex datasheet