British-made innovation blazing a trail across land, sea and air in some of the world’s harshest conditions

British-made innovation blazing a trail across land, sea and air in some of the world’s harshest conditions

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One British-made innovation is celebrating more than 25 years of making a big impact in some of the world's toughest environments.

The 677 series LED panel indicator lamp is a robust, resilient, high-performance, British-made product used in some of the most challenging conditions on land, sea, and in the air.

More than 1,000 of the indicators are now sold every month all over the world - including Asia, Australasia, North and South America and across Europe.

Used in the likes of defence platforms, power stations and Formula One racing car support equipment, the 677 series is designed and manufactured by Marl International, a British business with a global reputation for excellence.

Marl, based in Ulverston in Cumbria, designs and manufactures long-lasting, world-first products which have proved their worth over more than four decades.

Marl is recognised internationally as a pioneering technology business known for its optoelectronic expertise and for developing high quality, innovative products and systems for a range of industries.

677 Series in white

The 677 series is one of its most in-demand products, with more than 67,677 having been distributed all over the world in the last five years alone.

Just Ø8.1mm mounting, weatherproof, vandal-proof, and durable to shock and vibration, 677 series LED panel indicators provide a reliable status indication solution for all types of applications.

Used in control systems and signalling it has proved invaluable across a range of sectors such as defence (air, land and sea), aerospace, shipping, rail, industry, power stations, telecommunications, and the automotive industry including Grand Prix engineering in cars and support systems.

The 677 series lamp is manufactured from high grade aluminium with an anodised finish designed to have a high level of aesthetic appearance and robustness. Its smoked lens and strong on/off contrast ratio with its high intensity LED colours in red, yellow, green, white and blue make it visible in any conditions, with bi-colour and tri-colour LEDs also available.

Marl managing director Adrian Rawlinson said: "Marl manufactures some of the best high performance metal panel lamps in the world.

"The 677 series is a lamp you can rely on. It's proven, reliable technology in some of the most challenging conditions in the world.

"It won't let you down. That's why it has proved so popular for so long in a range of applications and in a range of industries."

The 677 series is used by American company Asphalt Zipper® in its industry-leading grinding and milling machines on roads.

It proved itself as the panel indicator of choice because of the weatherproof lamp's ability to withstand high vibrations and its ease of visibility in all conditions.

An Asphalt Zipper spokesperson said: "We needed LEDs to indicate the state of functions on our machine. After looking around, we found the Marl 677 series.

"These LEDs hold up really well in our high vibration application. They are easy to see even from far away and in the sun. They also endure rain, sun, grease and impacts, and keep on working. Using the 677 series LEDs was a great decision and we haven't looked back."

The 677 series is also used in construction, leisure and tourism, and for private clients.

One such client landed his helicopter at Marl's headquarters and it was only then that he and Marl realised his impressive mode of transport was fitted with a 677 indicator!

Graham Round, Marl's Strategic VP North America and Int. Sales & Marketing Manager, said: "The 677 series is ideal for status panel indication in high vibration applications and can be fitted with an EMC Mesh under the lens to prevent against electro-magnetic interference and radio frequency interference, perfect for a control panel in a helicopter."

Mr Round said the lamps also have architectural applications for construction projects, hotel and leisure schemes, and for prestigious home and landscaping projects.

He said: "These products are suitable for a wide range of professional electronic and architectural applications, as they can be used for both indication and accent lighting. White versions provide sufficient white light for low level task illumination and perimeter lighting."

For more information on Marl's 677 series please contact [email protected] or download the 677 Series datasheet