Marl's Indoor Garden

Marl's Indoor Garden
Plants at day 3

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"During January Katie Higgins, Marl's Core-Opto Manager, and I created an indoor garden using the Yuji FullSol, a full spectrum LED growth light.

We were keen to see how the FullSol would help to grow a variety of plants so we planted some daffodil bulbs, primula, various hebes, and a heather. While this wasn't a scientific test by any means, we were keen to see how the plants would respond. The daffodils responded well and quickly, we saw rapid growth and flowering within 4 days. The primula also responded well, gaining more flowers, and the flowers grew tall and towards the light. The heather thickened and gained flowers, and some of the hebes thickened and grew tall towards the light.

In the spring we will move the hebes to be planted in the Marl Business Park grounds; now that they have had a good start under the FullSol! This will enable us to begin experimenting again with some new plants.

Not only has the light had a positive effect on the plants, but it has also received positive feedback from the Marl team who have enjoyed the addition of an indoor garden and sunlight mimicking light fixture which has brightened up an otherwise dark corner.


Plants at day 4

Katie is our resident horticultural expert; she is working on several horticultural projects with customers and has spent a lot of time researching and understanding the science behind grow lights.

We are hoping to create a second indoor garden using a different grow light in the near future, and look forward to reporting our results!"