World-First technology from UK innovation set to transform industry control systems around globe

January 2020
1 minute read

A brand new world-first product is set to transform control systems across the world thanks to UK innovation.

Marl International has produced the first sealed IP67-certified rigid light pipe panel indicator in a metal housing in the world which features no LEDs, and no electronics.

A company in California asked Marl, based in Ulverston in Cumbria, to create the product.

Within six weeks of first being approached, Marl had designed and manufactured the first 602 series weatherproof, vibration-proof and shock-resistant light pipe panel indicator.

Brass, with a nickel-coated finish, it features a clear pipe which allows light from a surface-mounted LED on a printed circuit board inside a product to be seen on its exterior.

With a wide viewing angle thanks to its flat, water clear lens, it also has a black sleeve to prevent any light bleed.

Weatherproof and vandal-proof, the 602 series is ideal for internal and external applications, and is available with four different light pipe lengths.

The Marl 602 series light panel indicator is set to be a go-to component for control panels, generators and compressors, with potential in the defence, manufacturing, industrial, medical, food preparation and other sectors.

Graham Round, Marl’s Strategic VP North America & Int. Sales & Marketing Manager, said: “This is tomorrow’s technology being developed today - another world-first from the Marl team. And with its success in California, the 602 is set to become a market leader in a range of industries around the world.”

Marl has a network of global distributors. For more information on Marl's 602 series please contact