Did you know Marl was one of the earliest manufacturers of LED bulbs?

October 2020
1 minute read

That was back in the early 1980s when we were probably the first company to design and manufacture electronic light bulbs for Eastman Kodak. To start with only red, amber and green could be replaced; but when the GaN and SiC LED technology was introduced in the 1990s, this allowed the range to expand to replace the filament bulbs with blue and white lenses, white being the most popular, especially as status indicators on large scale control panels could only offer low intensity red, green and amber!

Today, Marl offer a range of LED bulb replacements in various colour and voltage options, standard or semi-custom parts to suit virtually any application demanded.

Designed to allow "fit and forget" replacement of the less reliable filament bulb, both for new equipment and retro-fit applications, LED bulbs and bulb replacements offer outstanding reliability and effective illumination.

Typical applications include control instrumentation, professional (military, aerospace and industrial) illuminated switches, and display illumination.