205 Series

The 205 Series, part of our Bulb Replacement LED range, is a flat-topped, "Fit and forget" direct replacement for a standard bulb fitting.

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  • T1¾ Midget Groove S5.7s Base
  • Flat topped LED
  • Range of LED colour options
  • Range of voltage options
  • Fit and Forget
  • Centre contact anode as standard
  • Warm White version available


  • Direct replacement for standard bulb fitting
  • Flat topping gives even illumination of large lens areas
  • No colour filter required
  • Manufactured with internal resistor
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Standard polarity replacement
  • Warm White LED may be used behind coloured lens as a true replacement for a filament lamp

The Bulb Replacement LED range has been manufactured in the UK since the early 1980s and justifies Marl's claim to be one of the first designers of Electronic Light Bulbs in the world! As the product range has evolved, the capability to directly replace bulbs utilising conventional light source technology has grown enormously, beginning from a fairly modest position of only offering low intensity red, amber and green, to the position today were the EDE and MRO engineering community can be confident that a Marl Bulb Replacement LED will be available as a standard or semi-custom part to suit virtually any application demanded.

Designed to allow "Fit and Forget" replacement of the less reliable filament bulb, both for new equipment and retro-fit applications. Available with single chip "Flat Topped" LEDs which provide high intensity, effective illumination of most types of lens assemblies in illuminated push button switches and lamp holders. LED Bulb replacements are manufactured in all the popular lamp base styles and can be operated from a wide range of voltage options with true Bi-Polar termination for low voltage DC applications.

Outstanding reliability, improved optical matching and colour perception translates into tangible customer benefits in terms of saving in maintenance time and replacement costs. Typical applications include control instrumentation, professional (military, aerospace and industrial) illuminated switches, and display illumination.