Adrian Rawlinson in an interview with Border News

Most people in the electronics industry recognise Marl as one of the pioneers in the industry. Over the past four decades the Marl brand has become synonymous with the application of the leading edge LED technology of the moment to provideinnovative solutions that work for customers. Marl solutions add value and are cost effective.

Proximity may have something to do with that success. Although the Lake District is 250 miles from London, it is fairly central within the UK and Ireland and over the years Marl have provided solutions in just about every major city and some rather interesting, remote locations. Main beam light development for Lighthouses which surround Britain's coast, distilleries in Scotland, railway crossings in Devon and Cornwall and ruggedised indicators in the steel factories of South Wales. And that is just the static applications; Marl has been involved with many types of transportation applications, including trains, trucks, ships, aircraft and helicopters over the years.

A key element of why customers return is the professional level of technical support. Marl offers selected customers direct, unlimited access to design support throughout the product life cycle. For bespoke applications, usually for Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers, a flexible technical support programme can be structured with the option of retention payments against a predetermined schedule of work, especially useful for R and D activity and in some cases can be structured on a self-funding basis were the development costs are reimbursed against production orders. Hand-in-hand with technical support is a long standing policy of free of charge samples of selected working product. Free samples do not assume there is a commitment to buy, samples and technical support is offered in good faith. Marl's ongoing success has always been rooted in creative thinking, innovation and demonstrations by Design Engineers to show potential performance is an extremely effective method of making rapid progress, especially within a tight time frame.

Marl has been recognised as a global leader in LED indication since the 1970s and specialises in designing products to meet applications demanding high performance with very high orders of reliability. As white LED performance and efficacy has improved during the past 20 years Marl has created a brand well known in the UK LED lighting industry, which takes advantage of the unique blend of design expertise, access to the best LED technology of the moment and an amazing UK based manufacturing centre, which includes rapid prototyping and several fully automated surface mount assembly lines. Marl is also building a name for a special ability to design, test and manufacture ruggedised electronic sub-assemblies, products and complete systems and also has an ability to provide turn-key solutions for both lighting and ruggedised electronics.

Above everything the Marl brand is all about relationships; the company DNA is embedded within an ethos of quality, agility and integrity which lives within a highly experienced, qualified and genuinely enthusiastic team who truly enjoy supplying high quality opto-electronic components, products and systems to help organisations and individuals all over the planet. Please accept this open invitation to come to the beautiful English Lake District to see for yourself.