Flexistrip illuminated in blueAnother exciting new addition to the YUJILEDS™ range is the Yuji RGBWW flexistrip.

Yuji RGBWW High CRI LED Strip uses a combination and upgrade of RGB, RGBW, and bi-colour LED strip lights, to allow perfectly tunable high CRI white light and full gamut red, green and blue colours.

Through tuning the 4 channels; RGB, Warm White, and Cool White simultaneously, the RGBWW can achieve a range of spectrum distributions to realise various light  effects for any application lighting requirements.

Using a 5-channel DMX controller, the RGBWW can achieve any colours and any colour temperature white light output.  This product can satisfy colour temperature requirements, colour changing requirements and spectrum simulate requirements.

The RGBWW is perfect for various applications, including film lighting, stage lighting and commercial lighting.

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