Budmaster light unitFor almost a year now Marl and Budmaster have been working in partnership to produce Budmaster horticultural lighting systems, after Budmaster entrusted the manufacture of their products to Marl in December 2016.

Market leaders with an array of high quality horticultural lighting solutions, Budmaster products are the most efficient and high quality horticultural LED lamps available on the market, giving repeatable and reliable results year-on-year, dropping less than 1% output per year.

Budmaster lamps are designed and built in the UK and distributed worldwide.

Paul Krasnowski, Owner at BudmasterLED says “As always working with Katie and the Marl development team on new projects ensures a seamless and elegant solution, and it was no different when working with the Citizen C.O.B to incorporate them into light engines for our Budmaster COB, HC (Horticultural COB) and BC (Blue COB) light engines. 

Our ideas coupled with Marl’s expertise and Citizen’s excellence in efficacy produce a durable and repeatable experience for the end customer, packaged into an elegant and attractive product. One thing we can always rely on when working with Marl is consistently high quality standards in every step of the design and production process, the quality of the workmanship is so good that in three years of using PCBs made by Marl in ‘Harsh Real World Environments’ we have yet to lose a single light engine.”