Plant growth setup

In March 2015, Marl and Nanoco announced a partnership to bring LED and Quantum Dot technology together. By May 2015, the Orion QD was born; the world's first CFQD® Quantum Dot lighting product. This linear light strip produces a beautiful, uniform white light, which has already been tailored for specific applications; one of which has been enhanced to stimulate plant growth.

Plant growth setup with seedlings

One of Marl's major customers has been working with Marl on products to enhance plant growth, with fantastic results, since 2013. Since plants respond best in their chlorophyll absorption to blue and red light, experimenting with QD technology (with the ability to customise colour to the exact wavelength required), was the next natural step forward.
"The Orion QD provides higher efficiency through a more exact spectral output. Less energy is needed, and less is wasted on colours not needed by the plant. The possibility of being able to change the QD filters is a benefit; for example, for winter crops requiring a more blue/green coloured spectrum for best efficiency. We achieved plant growth with only 7W, which is remarkable in the horticultural world!" - Paul Krasnowski, Budmaster
"The blend of Marl's LED expertise and Budmaster's knowledge of horticultural requirements has resulted in a perfectly tailored solution." - Andy Botsford, Strategic Account Manager, Marl International

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