Marl is delighted to announce that Citizen Electronics have introduced a new range of AC COB+ LED solutions. The new COBs are design-free and wired straight into mains electricity, eliminating the need for a driver design whilst still retaining their small, lightweight design. This new design-free option greatly increases flexibility and speed to market.
  • Design Free : No need to design in a driver, increasing the flexibility and speed to market
  • Small and Light Weight: Enables the customer to design and manufacture a smaller and lighter unit
  • Long life: Drivers usually have a limited life, this device improves reliability
  • 120V and 230V versions: Direct power from mains
  • 1000,2000,3000 lumen options; Can be integrated into many lighting luminaires
  • RA80 and RA90 options : for applications with High quality light requirements

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