Drivelite Ice

Marl are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of a revolutionary new product for the Outdoor LEDs range - the DRIVELITE ICE. Made from recycled glass, this new driveway brick emulates the look of ice for a beautifully realistic effect. The new system will incorporate all of the best features of the existing Drivelite24 system, including low voltage, easy plug-and-play installation and, most importantly, no need for an electrical installer.

Also like the Drivelite24, the Drivelite Ice is a fully robust load bearing light unit which can be driven over. The Drivelite Ice can be used as an indicator for the boundaries of any driveway, or as an illuminator to bring light and life to outdoor living spaces.

Look out for the Drivelite Ice, coming soon.

For more information about this range products, visit the Outdoor LEDs website.