When it comes to LED lighting, the possibilities are endless. Be it for indication, security or atmosphere, as the fastest-moving lighting technology, LEDs are constantly evolving to save energy, reduce our carbon footprint and provide aesthetically pleasing lighting of outstanding quality.

In 2013, the Marl Hub was created. The development of the Marl Hub involved refurbishment of an old admin building in order to create 12 contemporary office suites with all supporting facilities.The Marl Team saw this as a fantastic opportunity to create a completely LED-lit facility; using Marl manufactured products, as well as some lighting from partner companies within the UK.

On the approach to the Marl Hub, a vibrant and dramatic flood of purple light washes over the front of the building, accompanied by white illumination of the Marl Hub logo. This is achieved by a mixture of the Marl Orion range; a linear tube light which provides an even wash of white or coloured light for signage, display and architectural applications. Purple Orion's provide an aesthetically pleasing effect, which matches the Hub branding, while the white Orion's provide crisp illumination of the signage.

Also outside the Hub, security lighting is provided with 2nd generation 742 Series LED Wallpacks, which provide high levels of directed illumination for a miserly 21W. Dusk to Dawn sensors also mean that the lights provide maximum security whilst using minimum power. Sofit downlighters were also installed to illuminate the external door and porch area, but there is so much light from the other LED systems that these have never been used!

Several of Marl's commercial outdoor lighting products, Outdoor LEDs, add to the exterior lighting. The Drivelite24, a recessed driveway lighting product designed for indication and security, indicate the edges of the pathway into the Hub Reception, and Contemporary Spike Lights accentuate the planting areas and illuminate the large plaque detailing the opening of the Marl Hub at the front of the building.

In the Hub Reception, an appealing variety of lighting welcomes tenants and visitors. At floor level, white flexible strip lighting, or "Flexistrip" illuminates the edges of the room to create a modern atmosphere. Flexistrip is a highly versatile product which can be placed virtually anywhere due to its bendable nature and adhesive backing, and is available in a variety of colours. Marl's MD, Adrian, places his on the underside of his desk for a subtle, modern down-lit effect. On the Reception ceiling, track lighting, supplied by Marl's lighting partner, Califia, provides spot lighting for large wall-mounted canvases.

The Marl Design Team decided at an early stage to use a combination of square and circular flat panels to illuminate the offices and corridors of the Hub. In this case, the sub-assembly for the product was designed by Marl, and manufactured using Marl's Surface Mount Technology Centre. The flat panels offer high brightness at low power, emulating a natural light colour which makes for a pleasant working environment. The flat panels in the corridors also run on motion sensors and timing circuits, maximising the potential for energy saving.

The Orion range is a theme which runs throughout the Hub; purple Orion's also accentuate the corridors of the Hub and compliment the white flat panel illumination above

The Marl Hub now houses over 50 tenants in 10 contemporary office suites.

All products can be viewed on the Marl Website. For any enquiries, please contact

A governing initiative from DEFRA designed to stimulate wealth creation in rural economies, the Marl Hub is a high technology incubation centre developed as a part of progression throughout Cumbria supported by the Rural Growth Network and Cumbria Chamber of Commerce.