Pulse AlbumWe've been getting a tad nostalgic over one of our all-time favourite projects - providing the "pulsing" LED for Pink Floyd's Pulse album.

With the Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains currently taking place at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, we've been looking back at our involvement with the Pulse album, and listening to the album once or twice too!

Asking around the office if anyone has any stories from when we did the project back in 1995 there's a resounding "oh yes!". Graham Round, a Sales Team member at the time, recalls taking the call from EMI records "We arranged to meet at 8:30am at Heston Services on the M4 on a very cold, dark, foggy November morning the day after taking the call, and the project went from there!" 

Nathan Orton says "I had just passed my driving test, I passed on the Monday and by Thursday I was driving down to London and Dover to work on the project! It was hard work at the time, but very rewarding!"

Adrian Rawlinson, Managing Director, tells us “The first major special project we undertook and the first major contract that I project managed; the challenge was not just designing a self-powered flashing unit to fit a tight space envelope, but then sourcing and assembling 20m components into 2m deliverable units within 26 weeks, taking in Christmas and Chinese New Year. We had 400 people working on it from the North of England, whilst our Project Team met every morning at 7am for coffee and Marl bacon buns to track progress and issues. But what a result, one of the most memorable CD cases of all time and I still meet lots of people all over the world who bought the album!” 

When asked if he had a copy of the album, Hamilton Thurgood, IT Systems Supervisor, commented "we all had a copy! Well, it was Pink Floyd, everyone had a copy! It was pioneering for the time really - but then they always were".