It's in our DNA

Well, it's been two years since the Marl Newsletter began....and what a busy year this second year has been!

We've unveiled our Super Seven including the Prism Panel Lamps and 671 High Voltage, carried out bespoke installations such as PAMELA Labs, seen our products fitted into various applications such as Asphalt Zipper® and Van Der Velden Control Panels, and introduced you to many members of the Marl Team in our Spotlight on Innovation articles.

We're always happy to hear from our customers, and feedback on the Newsletter is welcome. We want to know what you want to see, what's helpful to you, what's interesting, what you would like more of. Do you have comments on the Marl Newsletter? Contact the Marketing Team

We are looking forward to lots more exciting products and projects as we head into the third year of our Newsletter.