Dave Warburton

We interviewed Dave Warburton, Brand Development Manager for Concord Lighting, Havells Sylvania. Dave has been with the company for the past 18 years and is an expert in all things Citizen Electronics and COB. Havells Sylvania have been using Citizen High Quality LEDs in their fixtures for a number of years; Dave offers us his insight into the features and benefits of using some of the most advanced LED COB technology on the market today...

"Quality of light" - CRI types, Vivid and Black Body Locus

One of the key reasons we continue to use Citizen COB's is the quality and consistency of light. The current 97 CRI chip is amazing and as one of our core applications is Museums & Galleries, this means we are often ahead of the competition.
While both the Vivid and BBL (Black Body Locus) offer interesting new concepts and shows how LEDs are developing, the ability to tune the light for specific applications will become more and more relevant.

"Lumen range Options"

Due to the comprehensive range and size of COBs provided by Citizen, it means we are able to cover nearly all our core applications. The new Gen 4 chip is exciting as it allows us to maintain our lumen packages but greatly reduce the wattage, which means we can then reduce the size of fittings and also provide even more efficient lighting and really improve our lm/W figures.


We have very few quality issues with Citizen COBs with regards to both colour consistency and lifetime; another good reason to use Citizen Technology.


Citizen provides us with excellent cost effective LED technology, allowing us to provide high end lighting solutions and still remain cost competitive.

"Ease of Assembly into Havells fixtures"

We have always had a great working relationship with both Marl and Citizen, and by having visibility of the Citizen roadmap really helps us design around new chip technologies and also be involved in any potential modifications which may be proposed in future versions.

"Your customers Perception of Citizen"

Citizen CitiLED technology is highly regarded in the specification market, and the fact that we continue to supply our spotlights to some of the most famous museums around the world means that our customers must be happy with the quality of light provided.

"The new range of AC (driverless) COB"

This technology offers such a cost effective LED solution, with a huge performance offer over the competition out there.