Marl 525 Series

Our new 525 Series may look like a standard panel lamp, function like a standard panel lamp, and have all the benefits of a Marl standard panel lamp, but the 525 Series is something a little... special.

The multicolour LED range in this product mean infinite colour options are available in this one discreet panel lamp.

Where typical RGB Lamps are bulky and voluminous, the small but mighty 525 Series features low profile styling and an aesthetically pleasing and robust housing of bright nickel plated brass. Weatherproof, sealed to IP67, and able to function in temperatures of up to 85°C and as low as -30°C, there is little this panel lamp can't apply itself to.

Suitable for a range of professional electronic and architectural applications, this Panel Indicator LED can be used for both indication and accent lighting. In industrial and high vibration applications the 525 Series can be used in control panels; where the multicolour function could be useful to signify various indication requirements.

For architectural applications the 525 Series could be used, for example, as a step light, as corridor lighting, or subtle illumination. Feeling festive? Turn the lights to red and gold for a festive glow, or white and blue for a touch of ice. Summer cocktails? How about a stunning pink or our personal favourite; teal.

Paul Robson, Principal Design Engineer, says of the 525 Series "The 525 Series can really be used for any application; we can provide a full solution of controller and driver to control the colour of the lights. Well suited to low level illumination; as a step, walkway, or corridor light and interchangeable for event or mood lighting, this Panel Indicator LED is one of our most versatile new products."

Samples and technical information are now available; get in touch to hear more about our 525 Series

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