By Adrian Rawlinson and Rob Woodhouse

Orion QD

Quantum dots are nanocrystals that emit light when excited based on their size. This technology allows conventional LED light to take a 'quantum leap' to unprecedented levels of light quality and colour performance, tailor-made to the customer's needs. It achieves this by re-emitting the photon energy from conventional LEDs across the deficient wavelengths to produce full colour spectrum of light with very high levels of colour rendering throughout the colour test range.

According to Rob Woodhouse, Design Manager, Marl International, "Full saturation of monochromatic light can be produced to generate vivid colours. Any individual colour wavelength or CCT can be created, or a mix of wavelengths such as those produced in next generation ultra-HD TVs utilising CFQD® Quantum Dot technology. This technology produces vivid reds, greens, and blues to emit amazing colour which is generated from conventional blue LEDs! We can even colour match the light to a specific brand identity."

As a result of a collaboration with Nanoco Technologies, Marl now has access to the world's leading CFQD® (Cadmium Free Quantum Dot) patented technology. Nanoco have invested in volume manufacturing facilities capable of producing large quantities of CFQD® Quantum Dot film. CFQD® Quantum Dots are heavy-metal free, meaning they can be used in OEM lighting products throughout the world, meeting all the required environmental regulations.

Adrian Rawlinson, Managing Director of Marl International, added; "It is now possible for CFQD® Quantum Dot film to be seamlessly integrated with Marl's LED technology to produce dramatic improvements in light quality, meeting the demanding expectations of sophisticated clients in retail, health, horticulture, art, business, theatre, clubs, restaurants, signage, brand identity, museums, buildings, schools, residential, hospices, automotive, aviation; the potential applications are endless".

It is well known that standard LED technology is deficient in key wavelengths, such as the sharp drop-off area following the blue ~450nm peak generated from the blue die in a white LED and phosphor that is low in red, cyan and violet emissions. This results in a light that lacks a certain quality that just does not 'feel' correct or comfortable. Rob Woodhouse comments; "In contrast, think of the beautiful quality of light that streams in through the window during a setting sun and the warm amber glow that cannot be reproduced by conventional LED technology. Artificial light of this quality can genuinely enhance the environment making it a more relaxing place to be, to feel more comfortable and tranquil. This has many potential advantages; it suggests that the person might stay longer in the environment, for example: a retail store, restaurant, museum, or hotel."

LED lighting enhanced with CFQD® Quantum Dots can also be tuned for more direct application, such as specific blue light for skin treatment, or tailored light for hydroponics, for controlling and enhancing indoor plant growth.

By Rob Woodhouse, Design Manager,
and Adrian Rawlinson, Managing Director,
Marl International

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